Simpl VS LazyPay: Which One is Better? Detailed Comparision

simpl vs lazypay

Simpl VS LazyPay: Both Simpl and LazyPay are two BNPL apps that offer almost the same services. However, there are some differences between them. In this article, I’ll compare Simpl Pay Later with LazyPay Pay Later. I will compare the features and benefits, charges, customer support, eligibility criteria, and app overview of Simpl and LazyPay. … Read more

Does MobiKwik ZIP Affect Credit Score? If Yes, Then How?

does mobikwik zip affect credit score

Does MobiKwik ZIP Affect Credit Score? Yes, Mobikwik ZIP Pay Later affects every user’s credit score. It means if you are a Mobikwik ZIP Pay Later user, then it will also impact your credit score. Mobikwik ZIP is a credit service that offers instant credit up to ₹60,000. You can use your Mobikwik ZIP balance … Read more